by denayarose


I’m going to write whatever comes to mind without filtering out any ideas. It’s scary to create without erasing or editing, but freewriting is a great strategy for overcoming writer’s block. So, here’s what’s happening inside my mind:

Placated. Relief and second chances. I am surrounded by my own reflection. Natural rhythm. The flow of endless thought. I want my mind to pause by happenstance. I want to meet the nonsense I’ve been missing all along. Connection. I fear your eyes to the extent of interruption. The noncommittal nature of our undisclosed arrangement. I lend you pieces of me. Memory. Short bursts of consciousness between noisy excuses. I tell myself, tomorrow. Searching for an elusive accomplishment to fill in the missing fragments. My story is not sequential. There is no lesson in the pain of loss and discovery unless I place it there. Delicately. Deliberately. Write to soothe the agony of existence. Gasp for air while bystanders breathe freely. Why is she suffocating? It’s so easy to be free.